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Video Devices PIX-E5

"PIX-E5 is both simple and complex. It has all the tools I need, but I don’t have to fight to get to any of them."
- Art Adams, Director of Photography
製造商: Video Devices



Video Devices PIX-E5 評論 (第一部分) 

Video Devices PIX-E5 評論(第二部分) 

Video Devices PIX-E5 評論 (第三部分) 

Full HD, Ultra-Bright IPS Touchscreen

TapZoom™ for Rapid Focus

PIX-Assist™ Monitoring Tools

4K Recording

Apple ProRes 4444 XQ, 12-Bit

Real Buttons for Fast Tactile Control

Robust Die-Cast Metal Chassis

Virtually Indestructible Gorilla® Glass 2



l   LCD Size: 5-inch

l   Resolution & ppi: 1920 x 1080, 441 ppi

l   Luminance (Brightness): 500 nit

l   IPS with Gorilla® Glass 2

PIX-Assist Monitoring Tools

l   TapZoom:        2x, 4x

l   Peaking Filter.

l   Guide Markers.

l   False Colors:    4-step, 12-step

l   Zebras:    Zebras 1, Zebras 2

l   Scopes: Waveform Monitor    Luma (White, Green) RGB (Overlay, Parade), Vectorscope, Histogram        Luma (White, Green) RGB (Overlay, Parade), Four-Way Monitoring (Video Feed, Histogram, Vectorscope, WFM)


l   4K (UHD, DCI) Max Resolution/Frame Rate 30 fps

l   HD (1080i, 1080p, 720p) Max Resolution/Frame Rate 60 fps

l   Codec: Apple ProRes Proxy to Apple ProRes 4444 XQ

l   File Transfer to Computer via SpeedDrive USB 3.0 interface


l   SpeedDrive – Enclosure plus approved 240 GB mSATA Solid State Drive

l   Speed Drive – Enclosure only (compatible with third-party 128 GB to 1 TB mSATA SSDs)


l   Inputs and Outputs: 3G-SDI, HDMI


l   Max No. Tracks:      8

l   Analog Inputs: 2x unbalanced line, 3.5mm, 2x balanced mic/line, XLR (via optional PIX-LR)

l   Embedded Audio Inputs: 8 SDI and 4 HDMI

l   Headphone Output

Remote Control & Timecode

l   Record Start/Stop Flags: SDI/HDMI; Embedded TC:      SDI

Powering, Weight, & Dimension

l   Power Source  EXT DC (10-34V), (optional) 2x Sony L-mount batteries

l   Weight  1 lb (16 oz)

l   Dimensions (WxHxD)      5.4 in x 3.4 in x 1.6 in (137.1 mm x 86.3 mm x 40.6 mm)

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