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PDMOVIE Technology Co., Ltd. is one of the key national torch plan training enterprise, the 3D stereo video project won praise from all walks of life. Since its inception the company has always adhere to the technical innovation as the fundamental, constantly breakthroughs in shooting process,, and independent R & D and production of 3D stereo image technology and equipment of high level.

PDMOVIE Technology Co., Ltd. as the first domestic 3D stereo video equipment production and production company, mainly engaged in: all kinds of 3D stereo video filming equipment and display equipment R & D and production and start making training course 3D stereo video filming and post. Company R & D and production of 3D film equipment has reached the advanced level, can meet all kinds of 3D stereo video shooting needs. In addition, the company's business scope includes: 3D stereoscopic digital cinema and 2K digital filmmaking, high-definition television advertising film / documentary filming, 3D animation, 3D one-stop services (including 3D stereoscopic film, 3D stereo website, 3D stereo album, hardware) etc.

PDMOVIE Technology Co., Ltd. has an excellent work team, their love of film and television career, creative and have be conscientious and do one's best working spirit, adhering to the "take the essence, goes to its dregs" purpose, and constantly improve themselves, dedication to provide customers the best quality service.

Quality and credibility is the cornerstone of our existence, rigorous and innovative is our consistent style of work, we pursue is "no best, only better".