Lupo Logo

LUPO is one of the best known italian manufacturing firms in the field of photography.

Founded in 1932 by Carlo Lupo it immediately made its mark with its renowned “studio cameras” made entirely of metal for passport size photos and portraiture in general. The factory, which had added professional enlargers and glazing machines to its production line, gained notoriety abroad thanks to the management guided by the founder’s sons.

After having distributed their enlargers for photography amateurs almost everywhere, Lupo made its name producing 5000°K highly professional controlled lighting boxes. Even more recently, during the 90’s, Lupo moved to a new plant of 2500 mq and took on the study and production of new fluorescent lights for the photography and television market.

Lupo fluorescent lighting systems quickly reach a wide diffusion thanks to the special day-light and artificial-light lamps, expressely built because of the great advantages they offer: low consumption and the beautiful cool light. Lupo lighting systems are also utilised in the field of lighting for artistic works and during the restoration of art works (thanks to its cool running).

During the past few years the 2 divisions of LUPO, called LUPO LIGHT and LUPO LUX, developed respectively a new and advanced range of LED panels and LED Fresnels with unique and exclusive features and a very high CRI value, that fully satisfy the needs of photographers, videographers and broadcasters worldwide

LUPO maintains a vast commercial market in many countries of the world and is prepared to expand its sales market.